CHART-IPBR Fellowship Optimizing Antimicrobials 

The move from IV therapy to appropriate oral medications in eligible patients has the potential to reduce patient harm, improve patient mobility, and reduce length of hospitalization. The World Health Organization has noted there is an overuse of intravenous (IV) medications when an appropriate oral formulation is available. Studies have shown that up to 40%-50% of patients receiving, for example, IV antibiotics who are eligible to receive oral antibiotics continue to receive IV antibiotics. 

To address how to decrease the use of unnecessary IV therapies, this project will first look at creating an automated tool to identify patients who would be eligible for oral antibiotics but are receiving selected IV antibiotics. This tool is expected to be implemented in clinical practice to drive changes from IV to oral antibiotics. The second objective is to estimate avoidable costs of unnecessary selected antimicrobial IV therapies at St. Michael's Hospital as a result of this tool.  

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