Additional Web Resources

Some general data science resources and information on how to hire data scientists

​General Resources

  • R bloggers is another fantastic R resource!

  • Cheet Sheet for general principles in Data Visualizations 

  • Stanford University has a course on introduction to Statistical Learning (with accompanying free e-book)

  • Frank Harrell, a prominent statistician, has his own blog:

  • Probabilistic Models of Cognition by Noah Goodman, Joshua Tenenbaum & the ProbMods Contributors have written a book that explores the probabilistic approach to cognitive science

  • AI Technology is poised to transform every industry. Read it all in the AI Transformation Playbook by Andrew Ng

  • AI implemented for Emergency Department forecasting at St. Michael's by Selma Al-Samrrai

Resources for hiring a data scientist

We've posted a blog article about hiring data scientists and have provided some documents you might find useful!

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