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Joshua Murray


Director, Advanced Analytics

The coolest things I've done in my career are:

I worked on a social network data analysis of long term care facilities in Alberta. The work included handing out weekly feedback reports, secretly following the nurses, and writing notes like “threw report in garbage (*crumpled first)”. 


I also had a lot of fun building a web application to analyze time series data here at CHART.

If I could have a super power it would be:

Freeze time for 5-7 seconds up to twice a day. Endless possibilities; come up with a good comeback, untie my opponent’s shoelaces JR smith style, ride the subway for free, etc, etc…

I'm a "closet" fan of:


The nerdiest thing I do in my spare time is:

I use to have a blog scraping and analyzing sports data with R. I also play pedal steel guitar.

Three things still on my bucket list are:

  1. Own a dog named Ruffus Wainright.

  2. Own courtside season tickets to any NBA team

  3. Towards the end of my life, have a party thrown in my honor to celebrate all my great accomplishments. Elon Musk is there. He looks worn-out, but still trying to be center of attention. I freeze time for 5 seconds, untie his shoes, and pour hot sauce on his shirt. We all share a great laugh at his expense.

My past experience includes:

After graduating from The University of New Brunswick I moved to Edmonton, Alberta and worked at the University of Alberta’s Department of Nursing for two years as a data analyst. Working on data cleaning and analysis for CIHR funded grants was a great introduction to what it takes to be a statistician. I decided to get a master’s degree in biostatistics from the University of Toronto. While there, I worked at CAMH as part of a great team in the Borderline Personality Disorder clinic.


I then moved back to my home in New Brunswick and worked as an applied biostatistician for the government for 3 years. I was able to work on dozens projects and help underfunded/overworked researchers publish their work, and in some cases implement their new ideas. I was also able to teach as part of the Dalhousie Family Medicine Resident Training program.


I spent a lot of my spare time sharpening my proficiency in machine learning and other data science techniques, and decided to move back to Toronto to find a job where I could apply these newly honed skills. I have spent the past 2 years working at CHART with some absolutely brilliant minds working on some cutting edge stuff that has the potential to improve patient outcomes.

My recent insights and projects include:

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