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Jennifer Deevy

Administrative Assistant

The coolest things I've done in my career are:

I have been working as an administrative assistant for almost eighteen years in various positions in healthcare. 

If I could have a super power it would be:

I would like the super power of being invisible. I could spy on my family and friends and see what they are REALLY saying about me – how fun would that be.

I'm a "closet" fan of:

Collecting things – yes, I collect glass bottles, I have way too many. 

The nerdiest thing I do in my spare time is:

Make beaded jewelry for family and friends.

Three things still on my bucket list are:

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon

  2. Visit Bali 

  3. Take cooking classes

My past experience includes:

Prior to working in healthcare, I was a travel agent extraordinaire.

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