Cath Lab Recovery Bed Capacity Planning 

St. Michael’s Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Program completed over 7,000 cardiac cases in 2017-2018; 5,933 of those cases were completed in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab). By 2018-2019, total patient volume for the Cath Lab is expected to increase by approximately 200 cases, straining the 8-bed recovery space. 


Currently, the majority of post-procedure patients are held in the Cath Lab’s recovery room, which is also where incoming patients register and are prepared for their procedure. For improved efficiency and care within Cath Lab, the question was asked: “Based on historical and predicted cardiac volumes, how many Cath Lab recovery beds will be needed now and for the next 10 years to appropriately prepare and recover our patients?”


Using a discrete event simulation model, the project will analyze historical volumes of Cath Lab patients who required recovery access pre- and post-procedure, as well as predicted volume growth, to project the number of needed Cath Lab recovery beds now and for the next 10 years.

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